Please note that ALL Republican candidates were asked to submit their information so we are including info from any that chose to respond to us as a courtesy to voters. Thanks to a delay in receiving 2020 Census data followed by a court challenge to new North Carolina congressional maps, weve seen election deadlines and voting dates pushed back multiple times. M2Q5YTAxMmRiZGE0NDc1MjUxN2VjYTE1YzYzNzcxNGYzMGI2ZjM3OGNkMjJm These mayors are rightfully questioning the use of their constituents tax dollars and wanting those dollars to stay as local as possible to aid in their residents travel options. Yes, I support. Do you support this investment? Campaign Signs on Public Property For purposes of the election, Section 10-141 of the Health and Sanitation Code and Section 13-106 (7) of the Zoning Ordinance apply. Each District has a population of approximately 165,000 individuals. CHARLOTTE Ahead of the general election on Nov. 8, Channel 9 is asking candidates in several local races why they're running and what they hope . YmNjZjEzNjEwNDYyNDEwYTM1OWY0YmJiMjc2NDYzZDU5MzZlYTc2MGIyN2Rl County Leadership Meet Chairman Sarah Reidy-Jones Meet Vice Chairman Dale Dalton 2022 Candidates Online Shop Backpack Volunteer Donate About History Meck Plan of Organization FAQs MeckGOP Mentorship Program RED U News Call To Action Call To Action Get Involved Events Recognized Clubs Mentorship Program MDExMzA3YmNjYzYxOWQ1N2M4ZTE0NGUzZDQ1NmQxZTFmNGU2NDk0MDNmIiwi It is imperative that we create a plan that includes specific ways to incentivize positive behaviors, establish goals, reduce barriers to progress, ensure accountability and educate residents. OTU5ZDAzMmVhODYyOTBiOWY0MDM2ZTBkOWJjMGQzZmRkODQxZWUzZGZiMmM5 Message and data rates may apply. For the full written policy, visit If you believe Wordfence should be allowing you access to this site, please let them know using the steps below so they can investigate why this is happening. Third, the County ensures regulatory compliance with air-quality related permitting. I do support parks, greenways and nature preserves. The position was filled in 2021 and has become an integral part of moving the BOCC's environmental agenda forward. This vacancy will be filled through the process set . It is also incumbent upon us to support it or an alternative - the status quo is clearly unacceptable. Restaurant workers, Maid for hotels etc., have a hard time getting to work on the weekends. I will always remember when I had Chinese high school students who lived with me, and they had never repeat never seen the stars or the moon because of air pollution. STATEWIDE PRIMARY ELECTION DAY AND ABSENTEE BALLOT DEADLINE, FEDERAL SECOND PRIMARY ELECTION & MUNICIPAL GENERAL ELECTION, STATEWIDE GENERAL ELECTION DAY AND ABSENTEE BALLOT DEADLINE. Your access to this site was blocked by Wordfence, a security provider, who protects sites from malicious activity. I talked to several Council members who told me the staff did the report. I will use my platform to raise awareness on the ways that residents can contribute to better air quality for our community. I believe we must continue these efforts to mitigate the harmful effects of poor air quality.". I strongly support County action to address climate change and voted in favor of the Environmental Leadership Action Plan. The goal is to have a master plan drafted with a triage approach and retrofit on average two buildings per year to get to net zero. NDYzYzAzYWI4YmMyNzNjNTk2Y2JmMWNmMTJkM2Q3NmQ1YmE0Njc5NTQ1MDY1 The county must establish themselves as the leader in environmental policy. Close Share Toggle Fullscreen Zoom in/out. I remember learning years ago about a big fire in Asheville and how it negatively affected Mecklenburg. "Air quality is extremely important to ensure a high quality of life for Mecklenburg County residents. To keep up with this rapid growth and provide adequate recreational resurces, we must respond with commensurate funding for acquisition of . Absentee ballot requests must be in by Nov. 1 and Election Day is on Tuesday, Nov. 8. Unos Tacos CLT, 4200 South Blvd. I am waiting to read about the Transportation Mobility Network's plan to address displacement, housing affordability and minority economic development opportunities. While the impact can be measured in economic terms, it is also an issue of equity, as socio-economically disadvantaged and communities of color are often disproportionately impacted, as reflected in data related to health outcomes. When the city came to us about two years ago-the presenter could not answer my questions as to why the was not invited to participate until it was done, and they needed funding. The investment/funding would also provide a level of equity for our under-served communities and populations, increased access to housing, employment opportunities and positively impact the environment. I received a State Award for my advocacy for greenways and parks, so I have a RECORD of speaking out for them. Susan Rodriguez-McDowell (D, District 6)(i): I have been a member of the Environmental Stewardship Committee from it's inception and in fact supported it's creation. ZTAyMWI2ZjYwYjQyYzUxY2NiMWQ3NTc5MGJiM2U2MWUzMzdiZTY4ZDRhMWNm **, Political experience: Charlotte Mayor, 2017-present; Charlotte City Council at-large rep, 2013-2017; assistant city manager, Related experience: Consulting director, Lee Institute and Flynn Health Holt Leadership; Charlotte Housing Authority Moving Forward initiative; Committee of 21 transportation initiative; Charlotte-Mecklenburg African American Agenda; Achieve Together community-based advocacy education initiative, Platform: Affordable housing, economic development, community safety, Related experience: Founder, Take Back Our Hoods, Platform: Community safety, police reform, gun violence, Related experience: Creator, EVOLVE Media, Platform: Affordable housing, governmental transparency, environmental sustainability, Related experience: Founder, Taes Beauty; accessibility advocate, Related experience: Background in media and finance, married to CMPD officer, Related Experience: Owner, Universal Cab; sued the city in 2015 over alleged corruption in pay-to-play deal for taxis at the airport, Political experience: Charlotte City Council at-large rep, 2017-present; chair, Environment, Engagement and Equity Committee; vice-chair, Budget and Governance; former Charlotte Housing Authority board member, Related experience: Certified Public Accountant, TIAA and Deloitte; Leadership Fellowship with the Institute of Political Leadership, Platform: Affordable housing, public safety, sustainability, infrastructure, Political experience: Charlotte City Council at-large rep, 2017-present; co-chair, Intergovernmental Relations Committee, Related experience: Stagehand, member of International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) union; board member with: My Brothers Keeper Charlotte-Mecklenburg, the Board of Trustees of the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra, Smart Start of Mecklenburg County, Habitat for Humanitys Charlotte Neighborhood Revitalization Committee, Platform: Equity, access, interconnection, Political experience: Charlotte City Council District 1 rep, 2017-present; chair, Safe Communities Committee; former president, Young Democrats of Mecklenburg County; former board member, Plaza Midwood Neighborhood Association, Related experience: Volunteer firefighter, Long Creek Volunteer Fire Department; former vice-chair, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic Landmarks Commission; former chair, Charlotte International Cabinet, Platform: Housing, transportation, preservation, Political experience: Charlotte City Council District 3 rep, 2011-2019; former member, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Community Relations Committee; former president, Centralina Economic Development Committee, Related experience: Member, International Minority Coalition; board member, LGBT Democrats of Mecklenburg County; former member, Immigrant Solidarity Committee; former member, Charlotte Community Justice Coalition; former executive board member, Human Rights Campaign; former board member, Charlotte Lesbian and Gay Fund, Platform: Property values, economic growth, community safety, Political experience: Charlotte Mayor, 2013-14 (deposed after arrest on fraud charges); Charlotte City Council District 3 rep, 1993-2001; Charlotte City Council at-large rep, 2001-2013, Platform: Inclusivity, intentionality, involvement, Political experience: Charlotte City Council at-large rep, 1999-2021, Related experience: President and co-owner, RJ Leeper Construction, January 2021-July 2021. 12th district (north Mecklenburg + Cabarrus) FOR A SPANISH VERSION OF OUR VOTER GUIDE CLICK HERE /PARA OBTENER UNA VERSIN EN ESPAOL DE NUESTRA GUA PARA VOTANTES HAGA CLIC AQU. Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, held general elections for district attorney, sheriff, county commissioners, soil and water district board, clerk of superior court, district court judges, and superior court judges on November 8, 2022. MDhjYjY3ZWIxN2NhZGQ5YTZhNzZiM2U2NjU0YWEzN2I1YWFlM2JjZDA3NzA1 The Park and Recreation Commission submitted a resolution to the BOCC on February 8th that calls for the acceleration of land acquisition for greenways, parks, and nature preserves by budgeting at least $35 million per year to buy land beginning in FY23, as well as several other strategies. Si vous ne souhaitez pas que nos partenaires et nousmmes utilisions des cookies et vos donnes personnelles pour ces motifs supplmentaires, cliquez sur Refuser tout. CHARLOTTE, NC (News Release) Charlotte-Mecklenburg Animal Care & Control (AC&C)has not seen low or even average dog capacity numbers since mid-way through 2021. VOTING GUIDE: Candidates running for Mecklenburg County and Charlotte city offices May 16, 2022, 5:55 PM Recommended Stories HuffPost Donald Trump Spoils Eulogy For Supporter Diamond With. Platform: Growth, transportation and public safety, Political experience: City council District 7 rep, 2013-present; vice chair, Economic Development and Budget committees, Related experience: Financial advisor; former board member, Goodwill Industries of the Southern Piedmont, Communities in Schools, and Blumenthal Performing Arts, Platform: Small government, job creation, transparency, Political experience: Mecklenburg County commissioner at-large, 2020-present; chair of BOCC Performance Review Committee, 2020-present; Mecklenburg County Democratic Party Precinct 9 chair, 2017-2020, Platform: Public health, parks and greenways, reducing gun violence, Political experience: Mecklenburg County commissioner at-large, 2014-present; Democratic National Convention superdelegate, 2016, Related experience: Blumenthal Performing Arts Center, trustee, Platform: Employment, schools, housing & homelessness, Political experience: CMS Board of Education at-large member, 1988-2003; chair of CMS Board of Education, 1997-2002; chair of Charlotte Black Political Caucus, 2017-2019, Related experience: McGraw Hill, 2004-2015, Platform: Affordable housing, parks and greenways, economic equity, Political experience: CMS Board of Education at-large member 2019-present, Related experience: International House Director of Education, 2019; CPCC instructor, 2001-2012, Platform: Education, economic development, environmental stewardship/parks, Political experience: Charlotte-Mecklenburg Community Relations Committee, 2019-present, Related experience: Concierge Business, Political and Education Consulting founder, 2020-present, Platform: Food insecurity, minority and women-owned small businesses, Related experience: Women in Power Inc. founder, 2014-present; Palisades Park Elementary PTSA vice president, Platform: Affordable housing, housing & homelessness, economic development, Political experience: Charlotte-Mecklenburg Community Relations Committee member, 2021-present, Related experience: Executive assistant at The Museum of Russian Art, 2017-2018; instructor at Virtuoso School of Music & Art, 2018-present, Political experience: District 1 Mecklenburg County commissioner, 2019-present; Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners vice chair, 2019-present; Environmental Stewardship Committee chair, 2019-present; Mecklenburg County Park & Recreation Commission chair, 2010-2018; Natural Resources Stewardship Advisory Council chair, 2010-2018; Mecklenburg County Waste Management Advisory Board member, 2001-2009, Related experience: Multiple roles at CMS, 1989-2014, Platform: Public education, economic growth, sustainability, Political experience: District 2 Mecklenburg County Commissioner, 2008-present; CMS Board of Education member, 1997-2008; CMS Policy Committee vice chair, dates unavailable; Small Business Consortium Group founder, 2011, Related experience: Former teacher, North Carolina Association of Educators, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Association of Educators, Political experience: Reid Park Academy P.T.O. shealah craighead husband,
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