Prime Location Minutes from Livingston. Located in the upper Blackfoot Valley near the gateway into the Bob Marshall Wilderness, the 1,185 acre Nevada Spring Creek Ranch features a dynamic blend of water resources including over 5 miles of a restored Spring Creek, nearly 6 miles of Nevada Creek--a major tributary of the upper Blackfoot River--and hundreds of acres of pristine wetland habitat. Im using a fake name but my mom said shes been here and I asked her for the name to do research, this place was a hellhole! I have been on anti depression meds and thousands of dollars in therapy. The creeks have prolific hatches that occur throughout the year. Spring Family Farm | Belgrade Montana | Fay Ranches Call 800.238.8616 Email [email protected] Home Properties Listing with Fay About Education Contact Spring Family Farm Belgrade, Montana SHARE inquire Price Reduced $5,300,000 313 Acres DOWNLOAD PROPERTY BROCHURE Enjoy lightly fished streams and trophy lakes on one our exclusive ranch leases. My parents then sent me to a southern baptist program in Kentucky for my junior year. I made some life long friends. I spent twenty seven and a half months there. Cameron Pullan first worked for WWASP at Cross Creek in 1991 and 1992. Now living outside OKC, very rural. Legendary status Bob I hope you can finally stop having those nightmares buddy! He was an ex heroin addict with tattoos all over his body. We used to call SCA the Kiddie Farm It was sad. I was there in 2001, i remember being there. I think Sky View Christian Academy was open for maybe 5 years?.. Armstrong Spring Creek is a world class spring creek and a mecca for catch and release fly fishing in Montana. All the brainwashed nitwits tattling on family moms who broke the rules and were just trying to make our time a little more pleasurable. Which was nothing because you did the same shit everyday. Of course you cant find golf balls in the woods! Lawsuits Mount Against Spring Creek Lodge I showed up to Spring Creek Lodge a level 5 and that was fucking weird. Lies and more lies. Mike was my therapist for over 2 years. As long as I stayed a ghost, no one felt tempted to pick on me, and that was good for me. Would she be pushed and prodded to say what they want. When were you there Jimmy. He fought up until the end, kept his sense of humor throughouteven when he needed a double lung transplant. . There was another Billy from Vegas. K think my favorite phrase was staff it. I was scared to talk about it till I was in my 30s. My heart goes out to all the rest of you who went. We hung out once in Dallas. It was miserable there. MLS# 22110842. [email protected], 257 Main Boulder Road, Big Timber, MT 59011. Sadly there were some parents that used that program because they wanted to ignore their kids or just use the place as an expensive babysitting.. His wife was hot though. What an awesome lady. I remember the car ride and the 4 months of nothing just sitting thinking Im going to wake up. Dont get me started with special needs. I was unaware that a website like this existed until a girlfriend of mine told me about it. The portion of the creek on the O'hair ranch is filled with riffles, pockets and runs. Spring Creek Ranch | Beatty, Oregon Fay Ranches 02:33 Invest & Enjoy Additional Photos & Property Details Download Property Brochure It amazes me that I even still remember this shit. But I dont want to waste your time. So I began to wkrk my way out. The Dillon airport has a 6,500 foot runway that accommodates private airplanes, making private travel to and from the ranch simple and convenient. Everyday I was there, they tried to break my spirit. More like detainee I remember Godfrey and Henry, and a guy named Cason took me under his wing and actually gave me my nickname. When I arrived i saw brainwashed kids everywhere I looked. Someone calls back to me that there is another missing girl on the tracks and to call this phone number. He was a good friend to me and if it wasnt for him I might not have made it out that place. HahaI forgot about that phrase attention suck thats right. You can do this anonymously if you choose. I was at Spring Creek Lodge Academy from March 2001 till May 2003. Everything you said X 10 Omg where you the two that got in trouble with the kite passing under the table in the chow hall? This place was disgusting seriously whoever thought that torturing kids helped them is a horrible person. Oh you did..great glad all of us underage minors could help you out with that at 3 am in the rain.our pleasure, Jessica !! What fucking psycho plays tony Robbins at every fucking meal. We both know whats what from that time and I wish there were things I had done differently like throw your truth to power ass in the backseat of my parents car and get you outta there. I had questions: non of them got answered. I live in Seattle, WA Im wondering if anyone might possibly, serendipitously know of a good psychologist in the Seattle area, I would be eternally grateful No wonder my counselor at school had so many questions when I told her I went to Spring Creek. Energy suck, emotional suck, attention suck! We are from Ohio. Find out when to come, what equipment to bring, browse blog articles, and more. Eric Rios!! Supposedly they ran, stole a car, and stole a boat before being caught by the police and put in juvenile hall. Bath/Showers are located by the main office. For some reason I have the discovery seminar in a binder I have yet to destroy. Its like they were taunting the kids. The twins gave me level 3 just so i could go to a seminar and see my mom in hopes that it would calm me down but it only made things worse.. .. my heart breaks that she felt no way out but she didnt have a way out. Updated January 2023: By searching, you agree to the Terms of Use, andPrivacy Policy. Danny I believe you had a twin brother, I cant remember his name. Also the hobbit what a joke i had locked myswlf in the porta potty cause i didnt wanna go back in. It was cool cuz I went n stole the staffs ciggs n got to do whatever I wanted. Ive been to two . I watched a lot of people come and go my 27 months there. Im sad to hear about Karley and how she felt before her death. I was in the family Charity and never made it past level 2. There was an aluminum boat somebody had chained up but no paddles so after busting the padlock with a boulder (took about 45 minutes but I finally did it) I went back in the forest and found some branches to use as paddles. He was a wild son of a bitch, but a sweet guy. So many names seem familiar now but long forgotten since 1997. Honestly I think they got off on that. I was there in 1995. I begged my mom in letters to let me stay in the middle of nowhere in the snow and not send me back but of course my family rep from SkyView insisted I return and complete the program (Obviously for money, doing her job). But how dare you discredit these people. The trouble teens in the cabin did not care about her, they were too wrapped up on trying to SURVIVE the program. Gavin! My god! I believe this is why everything starts to become a blurr after a while. Mixed in with your school work. I told her to stay strong, do her best and to look around her and find strength in nature and what she sees around her. I still have scars on my back where an upper class student had whipped me with a stick when I refused his commands. My upper level family was Inspiration with Miss Amy. I packed a few books for the road and got into a car with two ex-cops. The oldest was Jay at 17. Its been 13 years, I am not mad, its was just a chapter of my life, i am Instrument of God with a loving spirit . In fact it seems like it already has. I just cant imagine putting my child in an environment like that. After that is lunch then back to class then a hour of time on the court. I wish there was a magic pill for that year of hell to go. We were tortured, abused, and traumatized. Most who praise these places are shills who profited off of it. She just went through trying to get her transcripts with no luck. The spring creek program was a joke for sure but I say there are some people and effects we would not have known if it werent for that horrific experience. I struggle to open up all of the memories but they have started flooding back over the last few years! Hell Yeah. This is the shit that bugged me out about this place you had kids trying to be super cops to other kids. he would throw big crazy fits. I still think about her and cry on occasion. He died in 2011 and I still think so much about what he went through and if he would maybe be alive if he never went there to begin with. I was transferred to Charity in 2005 from Innocence for a short time! Hey all im jamie. he would just gripe and gripe and poor me and SHUT THE FUCK UP! I couldnt speak of it in detail until a few years ago. Im looking to buy up some land in MT, something with river access. Something like an automatic twelve points a day, minus twenty-five points per consequence, and one-hundred-and-fifty points to get to level two. My name is Jessica I was in Serenity feoom 2003 to 2004. I finally talked to him when I was old enough to understand that he would never and could never understand. So many bad memories. I remember jeff. We have a group on Facebook: WWASP Survivors. It was 1996. Truthfully, I manipulated my way home, and Im proud of myself for doing it. Chaffin was definitely a creepy dude. Fuck every parent that ever sent their kids to this school. WOW. 0.92 acres lot - Lot / Land for sale. But not without respect and an open heart to others. but if you find out somting in this manner and confront him with it before hes ready it might backfire. Track this homes value and nearby sales activity. McCoy Spring Creek Ranch is an amazing opportunity to own a true sporting ranch in the world-famous Beaverhead Valley. I told my mom I didnt want to see the counselor again and thank God they didnt make me go back. I saw her at the desk and heard the door auto lock behind me and two staff members grabbed me. I liked him a lot. I was there 15 years ago. I was only 15. Im happy to see kids still fighting. You know it doesnt make you Look Smart, right? She is on the tracks and we are about to release 4-5 trains at full speed , she could have been in the middle of that bridge and never had a way off if a train came over. Called my mom and told her that I love her and I am safe and dont want her to worry about me. Also Cody or something like that. I remember a lot of stuff remember Tyler parish. John the one i remember was a cool guy, he was the one that talked to me when i got there. We went on a work trip to some town kind of near by and we ran from there to a greyhound and had a girlfriend by us tickets to vegas. im no saint by any standards, but the hell that was spring creek definitely left its dark mark on my soul. Ill never be the same because my parents were too weak or lazy to raise me themselves. You could tell this was just a laid-off lumberjack who needed the health insurance. I can garuntee you she didnt spend all of that money on it. 3 kids, work in IT, got a degree from OU and lived in Denver for a bit. Me and Mark? some life skills courses, trade courses. They just didnt know how to communicate with me and I didnt know how to communicate with them. He used to love to do push ups. and yes im aware they were shut down. Options include diverse lodging packages, camping trips, wilderness horse pack expeditions, day trips and world wide travel. It was my first or second week there. I was there may 2001 to april 2002. We hung out when I was living up in Northern California for a while. Its really disheartening to hear about the shared hopelessness we all felt. What actual education came from that place? During this time, Steve Cawdrey would come walking in outta nowhere and every couple days and along with our guides would inflict upon us his crackpot version of therapy where he let the wilderness conditions break us down mentally so he could begin rehabilitating us. My name is ERic Rios, i was there from 2001 2002 I was in respect family, I recall the day I went in October 3, 2001 and the day I left April 21, 2002, Anyone remember Tinkerbell the big black guy with cold teet????? They would work everyone into a frenzy with some hypothetical horror show and play that song and have someone come around and nance around everyone in some contrived attempt to elicit some false sense of security and happiness within the program. The Excel family was actually a rebranding of Aspire (I think that was the name). Lol. Most of the allegations the other people are speaking of I can say for sure are true. Made my bed 3-4 times a day. yours might be my favorite comment on here lol i totally relate, Nick I think I remember you honor around the same time do remember the fight with dignity. They need you! Curious that he wrote a book and actually admits to being a wwasp employee. It was a bad experience because I learned to see the good side of otherwise evil people and empathize which has cost me a lot, but it also taught me to not be afraid of bullies. I hope everyone whos had to go through staying here is okay. i hope i contributed to the worst family reputationhaha. Improvements on the ranch are tailor-made for rustic Montana summer retreats. That place was horrible. Thank You. Come experience a piece of riverfront paradise in Big Timber, Montana. I had already seen where parents had decided to take their kids back and the school PUT THE KIDS OUT. Being bodyslammed, fucked with, or otherwise attacked or abused is never okay regardless of what behavior the CHILD may be demonstrating. Thursday afternoon: Im below the bridge that crosses the Clark Fork river watching our railroad crews. McCoy Spring Creek Ranch | Montana Land for Sale SOLD McCoy Spring Creek Ranch 1210 ACRES Dillon IN Beaverhead COUNTY MONTANA Listing Price: $10,500,000 < > MOST RECENT STATUS UPDATE Sold November 15, 2012 Property Updated January 5, 2021 Details Free Subscribers Sign up for Free Access Market Experts Become a Market Expert Map I had to put my glove next to my skin and let my body heat dry out the glove and I had to keep moving fast to keep my hand warm with my body heat alone. Until I got stampeded by junior staff. Yeah they messed with us early guys pretty hard. I dont believe this was an isolated incident! You just Look Like An Idiot. In addition to the recreational opportunities found on the property, the ranch borders over 1,600 acres of public land, including a Federal waterfowl production area and Aunt Molly's wildlife management area. One of the worst times, I was quietly sitting on my bunk during hygiene time painting with toothpaste and pen ink (did what I could with what I had). And SO confident and funny, where all the rest of us were terrified and broken down. I think? Trust Live Water Properties to list ranches for sale in Montana that suit every sporting passion. The more eyes on this the more this facility will have a spotlight on them. Its a great place with great people that are here to help As I said that I looked right in the eyes of the older lady. otto? I remember some really young kid.. cant remember his name. Probably an arm and a leg, just curious. How did she get away from you so many times? When we arrived in Montana there were only a handful of kids already thereI think you & I were part of the 2nd group to arrive, and there were maybe 5 of us I think who arrived in that van trip? Johnny Boy, I love you buddy. Now living outside OKC, very rural. I hope its not who I think it is. He was assigned to be my shadow and he had been there for 13 months or something and was almost out of there but he was still the same person that arrived there just faking it to get out of there. Trying to find my best friend at the time Tristan!! Still havent heard from him love to find him one day he was a good partner. My life didnt really ever go anywhere to be honest. it takes time. I can remember them taking all my clothes when I got there and not giving them back. And just love them and support them as much as you can through it them try to understand what there going through. Read about the seasonal patterns in our fisheries. [email protected], ps. I was at SCL from 2005 to 2007, and I feel exactly the same way as Zach. The bullshit that came out of his mouth was alarming. I couldnt take it. Yeah its amazing how every parent got sold the your kids gonna wind up dead story. She researched, found names of higher up people, but at the end of the day they are gone. Book Now Not to mention whats his name who ran the seminars that guy was a damn psycho. I soon learned that I could not call my parents. The behavioral boarding school was called Spring Creek Lodge Academy. The cold was punishing and aided their harsh version of therapy. Remember ? remember true colors playing every five minutes. Insect hatches are predictable, plentiful and offer the angler an unparalleled fly fishing experience. Some folks can smile and make you laugh and make you forget youre in tremendous pain, that is a rare gift indeed and will be missed. I am proud of that and still remember my times there. I tried to get a little distance before slowing down and stopping. Ended up driving into the little store, as in ~I drove INTO the store~ and everyone but me jumped out a grabbed every cig and dip can in the place. She was apparently walking the tracks and we had trains running at high speed through there. Unfortunately your story is very common and many of us who came out of their were actual threats to society where before we were just snotty little bastards. She is heading toward Highway 200. I was already struggling in school before I had the surgery and missed months of school. I guess thats what they felt they had to conform too,to try to program. I still cringe to think of it. The seminars helped release all of that pent up anger. $10,975,000. I am finally starting to forget this nightmare. If u want to call me since I am not much into computers please feel free. Anyway, I wish you all an opening to peace. Either way he was a genuinely good man. Thanks a lot you guys. I recall being kicked out of a seminar and sent to the hobbit with a guy named Mike. I was the kid that got messed with. How are you gonna mention doug b4 me man lol. I was good friends with Jenna. In all fairness, Mike Linderman was one of the only people affiliated with that program with a college degree, and a decent heart. I would be Dead or in Prison had I not Undergone the Change that SCL is Soley Responsible for. With an extensive variety of stream habitats, these waters present challenges worthy of the most dedicated trout anglers. I was in Spring Creek back when they first opened up in 96 97 when there was only 2 cabins. Improve or just stop. We used the phone in there and when they got the phone bill we were caught. I remember one time near the end of my program i got dropped from level 3 allstar to level 1. Please contact me at [email protected] and I will give you Gabes info. And same day I dislocated Bills shoulder from him and tmac restraining me. Even after the loss of multiple lawsuits, news reports outlining the abuse and new lawsuits filed regularly, they turn a blind eye to hide the children that they broke using the guise of helping them. It was winter time and the most snow Ive ever seen. I can relate to everyone here in this page and I can feel your pain. I am Brann Adams and I went to Spring Creek Community around 1988. Mr. Dave was good people. To this day, Im yet to tell my mother,who sent me there because I was not dealing with my dads suicide the way she needed me to (I guess), what that place did to me. And its great to see familiar names! My married name is lori kinder. But if you think its all your child that has the issues. I was 13 years old and was told was the youngest student there at the time. After that, I was sent back to scl for my last year (17-18). I sort of learned how to play the game in my own way, but my friends had a much harder time than I did, I think. As I said. Try to put me in the hobbit now. Loved many of them. You could have done something like reported the place but you didnt. They saved them all in there files on polaroids. So in the name of reason and Christmas, I ask that those who work for, are involved with, or profit off of any of the places run now by the usual crowddo the right thinggive the parents what they think they are paying for, or close. There are a few things I remember, but most of it I do my best to block out. It was a long long time ago and I am 44 now and I was 16 then.
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